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Apo ton Hortiati
Organic farm in Thessaloniki

handmade pasta


Our pasta is made with our farm eggs, milk and semolina.


The quality ingredients used, give our pasta a special taste that definitely brings back memories of grandma’s cooking! You can taste hylopites, fusilli and gemelli pasta with kefalotyri cheese, orzo, trahanas, but also whole grain hylopites and fusilli pasta.

Wanting to expand their activity, the two poultry farmers are also involved in pasta production. "In collaboration with a small cottage industry unit and using our egg as the main ingredient, we offer pasta such as plain and whole grain hylopites, fusilli and gemilli pasta, orzo and trahanas. We decided to enter the pasta market, since it is a product that people prefer» George explains. Fenia emphasizes that "People are interested in our products and many customers have told us that our handmade pasta, such as hylopites, reminds them of the pasta their grandmother from the village used to make"!


We send our pasta all over Greece, even in gift wrapping!