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Apo ton Hortiati
Organic farm in Thessaloniki

A few words about us


We are George and Fenia, the initiators of the "Apo ton Hortiati" organic farm.

We decided to leave our life in Thessaloniki and our previous jobs, to settle in Hortiatis and make our dream come true. A model farm, with top quality products that bring back memories of the village!

Our chickens drink propolis water, live freely in a large lush area and are fed with non-GMO feed, rich in linseed and oregano, thus their eggs are labeled Omega 3. Our main concern is to offer the consumers, especially children, perfectly healthy products of high nutritional value.

In the area of the poultry farm, where the chickens are housed, we do not use straw or anything similar, but we use organic straw pellets, which are biodegradable and completely eco-friendly. This contributes to a cleaner, warmer and healthier environment for the chickens, free of odours and moisture. The chickens are farmed in a large mountainous area covered with aromatic plants.

Wanting to expand our activity, we started a collaboration with a small cottage industry unit, for the production of traditional pasta, using our eggs. The quality ingredients used, give our pasta a special taste that definitely brings back memories of grandma’s cooking! You can taste hylopites, fusilli and gemelli pasta with kefalotyri cheese, orzo, trahanas, but also whole grain hylopites and fusilli pasta.

Pasta’s perfect pair is the sauce! Handmade made sauce with peppers and garlic ready to eat!
No preservatives, with unique aroma and taste!

Our desire to promote even more quality products of our region, encouraged us to start a collaboration with a beekeeper in our area, and offer raw honey of ash, oak and pine, as well as other bee products, such as fresh pollen, propolis tincture and honeycomb.

Our handmade pasteli is a healthy and traditional snack with honey, for anytime of the day!

Selling wholesale – retail and in gift packages for any holiday season and for every occasion.



You can find our products in our partner stores:
“Koutrakos Meat Market” (centre of Thessaloniki city) & “Meloida” (Moudania, Chalkidiki).